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What is your favorate primary class and secondary class - Let the Wars Begin Guild members
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What is your favorate primary class and secondary class
Whats your favorate class and secondary and why?

For me I like mesmers, the energy drain is fantastic, secondary class is a bit harder, I use a couple of 2nd classes I sometimes use necro, sometimes Ritualist with only lightning spells and mostly Paragon, spears are ace, they can be up close and personnal or ranged I love the class. However ranger is nice for those missions when eight players just aint enough, although I am sure in some cases that players can be of detrement, mostly my son and I double team with heroes and henches, using skype to communicate, its much faster than typing (Although he does whistle to much)

and the Big problem with a lot of players is they DO NOT LISTEN, I have pretty much all the missions in Tyria now, some without bonuses, but I will go back and do the bonuses many cantha missions and a fair few of the Elona missions, but peeps seem to ignore experience, or have read a walk through

my opinion of these people is IDIOTS why bother, its a game, you cant cheat in real life so why bother in a game :S
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