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PVP at its best
From the scribe (GW Official)

Mahk Upgrades Miniature Varesh

The up-and-coming Istani toy maker, Mahk, recently had a stroke ofgood luck. As you may be aware, the young businessman struck amarvelous deal with a group of Vabbian merchants a while ago. Thisagreement allowed him to pursue his dreams and ensure a successfulfuture for his family. However, the wise Mahk did not expend all of histalent on that project, for he has recently conceived of an improvementto the Varesh Miniature that is sure to be popular.

The idea began when his son complained that his Miniature Varesh toywas easily lost in the tall grasses of the Plains of Jarin, and that,unlike some of the other miniatures the boy had collected, theMiniature Varesh did not possess any weapons or accessories. Mahk, hisconfidence boosted by his successful dealings with the Vabbians,decided he could indeed improve upon the design. Working with his son'sMiniature as a prototype, Mahk increased the overall size of the toyand added a scythe worthy of a warmarshal to his son's prized trinket.The boy then took his new and improved Varesh to various outposts andtowns in Istan, showing it to everyone he met. News spread quickly, andwithin a matter of days Mahk had signed a new trade agreement—in goldink, might I add—to lead a project that would provide this upgrade forall who own the collectable.

Luckily, the magical essence used to give these toys life alsoallows the improvement to be applied with no effort on the part of theowners. Once Mahk has perfected his new design, the upgrade will simplytake effect. The process involves a form of magic unfamiliar to me.Mahk politely declined to share the details with me, citing theconfidentiality of the "Toymaker's Code." But he believes, and I agree,that the changes will give all who own the Varesh Miniature a pleasantsurprise.

Watch for these changes to take effect within the next week or so,and don't be surprised if Mahk's machinations make this toy even moredesirable and, in turn, more valuable as a collectable.

How many people that sold there toy for 50k are going to be mega annoyed now!
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